18 July 2009

Holiday Blues

Holidays in Greece: Chilling out in the sun, spending time with the family, having some rest and much free time. Time to think about my job, my life and the whole universe ;-) However too much thinking makes me sad...

Greek Beach It has been more than half a year now that I have left Herold for good. In the end work there got quite boring and some things really sucked. But after staying there for five years the development team became my family. My bond with my colleagues kept me from leaving earlier and made it a really hard decision when the time for something new had finally come. I still remember them and from time to time I suffer moments of painful memories. I do not know how it came to be like that. There were no activities together, no common hobbies to talk about, even no geek interests to compete in. We did not meet after work or go out for a beer together, at least not more than once or twice a year.

Nevertheless I am thinking of them: Alex making his acrid remarks; Andreas refreshing me with new ideas, that always seemed to be much too revolutionary; Anton, although we hardly talked to each other; Ben making us play network games after work; Claudia my "soul-sister"; Claudio, exchanging stories about our misbehaving sons during lunch break; Dominik, always calm and relaxed; Martina having much too much energy; Petra; Richard testing a new database tool each week; Ronnie; Sylvi; Tim making me laugh about all his carpenter jokes; and Vero, the caring soul of the team, although she could really be mean sometimes.

My dear colleagues I miss you.

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