Journeyman Tour

One of the most interesting things I did in my life has been my Code Cop Tour. It started as a single tour in 2013, but I kept visiting companies and sharing knowledge ever since - of course on a much smaller scale. This page lists all content on my Code Cop tour and the concept of the Journeyman Tour in general.

The Beginning
  • In 2008 Corey Haines embarked on an unique, personal Pair Programming Tour around central US. I read his blog and watched all his recordings.
How to go on tourWhat I learnedBackpacking Incan Trail - Machu Picchu Peru (licensed CC BY-SA by fortherock)Diary of my 2013 tour including visited companies2014
  • Somewhere in 2014 I spent a few days with Raphael Stary and Blossom each, but I did not write about it.

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