6 October 2009

Coder's Dread

Bug of the DayYesterday I found a bug.
I tried to fix it but got stuck.
A pointer had gone completely mad,
had lost its reference, really bad.

Such problems are hard to track,
so many things one has to check.
I read the code, each single line.
A cold shiver ran up my spine.

A particular piece of code was really old,
not changed for years, truth (to) be told.
Its layout was a mess indeed.
"Code Format" was what I need(ed).

I looked a little bit around
and finally the bug was found:
Inside a method called "has Lock"
- an evil empty catch block.

Having found the cause of trouble,
I removed this piece of rubble,
extinguished every tainted line.
It had no chance, victory was mine.

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