21 May 2012

GeeCON 2012

Poznan Old CityLast week one of my favourite Java conferences GeeCON took place in Poznan, Poland. I was there before and liked it a lot. Despite that it took me 13 hours train travel to Poznan, it was a very good conference. The organisers were caring for everything (even free beer ;-), the presentations were interesting and some of the attendees were really passionate about our craft.

I am too lazy to write a full round-up of all sessions that I attended, but at least I will give you a list of my favourite sentences heard during the sessions:
  • Maintenance starts with the first check-in. (Thomas Sundberg)
  • 40 errors, 38 warnings. That looks bad. Let's commit that. ;-) (Thomas Sundberg)
  • object null extends Nothing() (Ceylon Language)
  • Threads do not work. (Bruce Eckel)
  • It's not getting easier being a developer. [... because there is more and more we need to know.] (Ivar Jacobson)
  • An architecture without executable code is a hallucination, but code without architecture is shit. (Ivar Jacobson)
  • ... f*cking ... f*cking ... f*ck ... [He really does not like Java any more ;-)] (Gavin King)
  • I write crap on daily basis. ;-) (Tomek Kaczanowski)
  • @Seed("deadbeef") [This is a valid hex number.] (Dawid Weiss)
  • Every time you write a for loop, god kills a kitten. (Keith Braithwaite)
  • Simple design is for simple systems. [... making fun of overly complex solutions.] (Thomas Sundberg)
  • The more green it is, the more green it is. [... the build.] (Wojciech Seliga)
  • Heal or Kill. [... these flaky tests.] (Wojciech Seliga)
  • ... 50.000 LoC. - That are five operating systems. Does it do that much? (Kevlin Henney)
Thank you all for the great show!

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