12 December 2017

Code Cop Knit Doll

Sometimes I present books to individual developers. On one side I am thanking them for "listening" to me - that is the good collaboration and supporting me - and on the other side I want to push them more into reading mandatory books. In preparation for Christmas I gave away a few pieces of Bad Tests, Good Tests by my friend Tomek Kaczanowski. Now imagine how surprised I was when Corinna repayed me with a Code Cop knit doll:
Code Cop Doll (click for high resolution image)
This is amazing. I love the number of detail she put on it:
  • I am obviously a cop with both gun (on my right side) and handcuffs (on my left side). The doll is also showing my age, especially the wild hair, grey beard and round belly. ;-)
  • There is the Ruby Logo on my police cap and chest. I did not know how much I evangelise the use of Ruby. It is true, Ruby is my favourite programming languages, although I am not using it that often any more.
  • I am going nowhere without my own keyboard, so there has to be a Das Keyboard in front of me at all times.
  • One of my mantras in trainings is to "Refactor Mercilessly". It seems I am using that one a lot.
Merry Xmas Everybody!

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