17 February 2021

Dice Namer Constraint

A constraint is an artificial challenge during an exercise to make the exercise more interesting, challenging or fun. I like constraints and wrote about some of them. The Dice Namer is such a constraint: Everything but the names of test methods is named using random dices. The French company Arolla created some really nice dices using random, enterprise-y useless names like Processor, Dummy or Factory. I managed to get several sets and to use them in my coding exercises after discussing naming in code. Now with the remote work due to Covid, I had to come up with something new. And here it is, the

Arolla Dice Namer Application

Press the buttons and see the random dices for your name, together with some dices-like sound (if you allow your browser to play it). This is a real fun and it will help you create amazing code like this one using viciously named functions...
What does this code do?

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