Workshop Advanced Refactoring Techniques

TL;DR 3 day remote workshop (9am-5pm CEST) about Advanced Refactoring Techniques, 13th to 15th of September 2021.

I am thrilled to announce a public, three-day online workshop about Advanced Refactoring Techniques on 13th to 15th of September 2021. The workshop is a cooperation with Software Therapist Johannes Link.

Refactoring is what a team does to keep their code clean and tidy throughout a project's lifecycle. The basic elements of refactoring - Rename, Extract, Inline etc. - are known by many and well supported in IDEs. There are, however, a few patterns and strategies that must be mastered to enable continuous and potentially large refactorings and still allow the team to proceed with feature development at the same time.

Target Audience
Developers with a basic knowledge of refactoring.

You will learn
  • how to use atomic refactorings in a safe way.
  • how to combine small refactorings into larger ones and keep your system running at the same time, e.g. by using Parallel Implementation or the Mikado Method.
  • how to gradually move your code towards patterns-based designs.
  • how to go about refactoring in legacy code bases that don't provide the luxury of good test coverage, e.g. using a Golden Master.
Refactoring, Legacy Code, Always Green, Design Patterns.

Mode of the workshop
The workshop will be online. You need to have access to tools like BlueJeans (video conferencing), Miro (online boards) and GitHub (code sharing). You also need an installed recent version of your Java or C# IDE (like IntelliJ or Visual Studio). The exercises are available for Java and C#. To check if another programming language is possible - and probably it is - please contact me. During the workshop you will listen to (short) presentations, work through exercises in groups, pairs and alone and have plenty of time to ask questions and discuss approaches.

Workshop time is 9am to 5pm CEST. Your attendance is required from 9am to 3pm CEST. After the online session you will have time for more practice and reflection at your leisure. The workshop will take place on 3 consecutive days, 13th to 15th of September 2021.

  • There will be a maximum of 12 participants, guided by two trainers (Johannes Link and Peter Kofler).
  • The minimum number of participants is 6.
  • Workshop fee is EUR 1500.- plus VAT (20%).
  • Register by sending an .

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