5 August 2012

T-shirt Update

D.R.Y. - don't repeat yourselfI love t-shirts and keep wearing them regardless of my employer's dress code. I had only two complaints about them in the last year, so things worked out quite well ;-) The last time I wrote about Code Cop t-shirts was more than two years ago, so it is definitely time for an update.

Don't Repeat Yourself
The Don't Repeat Yourself or DRY principle states that every piece of knowledge must have a single, unambiguous, authoritative representation within a system. In simple terms this means that there should be no duplicates or repetition. The dark blue DRY shirt reminds me to write things once and only once. It is also my best selling shirt ever, as a friend bought one after he was exposed to horrible duplicated code at the client's site. Unfortunately I did not get rich as I bought him a beer in return.

Green Bar Test RunnerKeep the bar green to keep the code clean
Keeping the bar green is the primary motto of JUnit, the popular unit-testing framework for Java. This grey shirt displays a simplified image of the Eclipse JUnit runner together with a green bar. I had problems finding the right dimensions for the characters and the green check marks and threw away at least three versions until I got it right. One day I wore it in the office and one of my colleagues, a project manager, asked me "green is good, right?" I just love them.

Red Green RefactorRed-Green-Refactor
Red-Green-Refactor is the cycle of Test Driven Development. You write a failing test which results in a red bar. Then you write some code until the bar is green. Finally you clean up the code you just wrote, e.g. improve the names or remove duplication. (Remember DRY?) For the white shirt I used typefaces according to these phases: Red is scary, I do not like it, so I used a Halloween typeface for it. Then I go for a green bar as fast as possible, so I used a dynamic typeface for that. My result after refactoring is sorted and tidy symbolized by a regular typeface.

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