13 January 2010

T-shirts, T-shirts, T-shirts

My Personal Branding
Here it is - finally - the official Code Cop T-shirt. In fact it's not just a shirt, but a whole series of variations: There is a black on blue version that has proper contrast and one with a navy-coloured logo which is a bit more discreet.

Dark Blue Code Cop T-shirt
My favourite one is the cosy version of the blue 'Code Cop' shirt. The large logo on the front and the URL on the back are produced using Flock Print. There is a female version - I just don't know when to stop! They all look great and I had each of them produced and sent to me to inspect.

Reversed Cyan Code Cop T-shirt
More Freaky
Who needs such T-shirts? Well, geeks need cool shirts and Jeff has one, too. If you like freaky shirts as much as I do, then you will probably love my coding related quotes shirts. I like to use (more or less) ingenious quotes to bother my colleagues with either small advice or mild criticism. One of my favourite quotes for crappy but fast developed code is Uncle Bob's "rushingtogetawholebunchofshitcodedandsortofrunning". Wearing this shirt you don't even have to say it out loud. ;-)

Talking of coding: What's your favourite design pattern? Mine is the Singleton pattern. No, I'm joking, I hate it. Alex Miller hates it too and explained some time ago why it's so hateful. (At my previous working place one third of all classes was dependant on singletons. It was awful.) I can't stand them. I'm getting sick when I see one. Therefore I'm sure that Singletons Are Evil.

Singletons Are Evil T-shirt
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