What People Say About the Code Cop

I worked with Peter as a pair, coaching a team migrating from a legacy C codebase to modern C++. Peter impressed me with his depth of experience and skill at teaching and mentoring developers. The sessions he led were well planned, relevant and valuable to the team. Peter has a great combination of technical expertise and the ability to help people to talk and work together better.

Emily Bache, Samman Technical Coach, Author and Keynote Speaker, 2024.

Peter is passionate about clean code, and about helping developers to get their codebase clean too. This shows not only in his workshops, but also in his investment in the software crafting community: he organises and attends Coderetreats, Coding Dojos, and conferences whenever possible.

Rea Sutter, Technical Agile Coach, 2022.

Our people tell me that during the time with Peter they feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. Maybe because we step out our daily routine into the unspoiled beauty of software development theory, discussion and exercise. And we like it. We like how Peter drives us the way where we would like to go - as specialist, teacher and mentor. After numerous sessions people in our team have advanced and improved. Things we thought were not important got important. We gained a common language, commitment and knowledge. And last but not least - we spend some quality time together in a safe environment knowing each other not only as colleagues but somehow ... closer.

Pavol Macura, Software Engineer, iLogistics IT Solutions GmbH, 2020.

Peter begleitet uns schon seit Beginn 2016 auf unserer agilen Reise. Unsere internen und auch externen Software Entwickler haben Peter seither sehr schätzen gelernt und lassen sich regelmäßig mittels Coding Dojos, Code Reviews und Pair Programming challengen, um ihr Handwerk zu verbessern. Sie wollen Peter nicht missen, da er ihnen geholfen hat, sich persönlich weiterzuentwickeln und die Qualität der gelieferten Software sichtbar zu steigern.

Markus Tuma, Head of Performance Development, Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH, 2019.

Peter always takes me and my team out of our comfort zone to learn something new. He challenges my ideas, so that I can improve them, see them from different angles or find some hidden pitfalls. As a trainer, coach and mentor he helps our development teams to improve continuously by facilitate mob programming or coding dojos, pair program with the developers and run workshops. I am looking forward to every day we are working together, because I know Peter will push me to practice at my personal limits and beyond.

Oliver Zech, Scrum Master, Sportradar, 2019.

Peter Kofler ist ein exzellenter Berater mit tief gehendem theoretischen und praktischen Wissen in vielen Bereichen der Softwareentwicklung, von grundlegender Programmiertechnik über die vielen Aspekte des Testens bis hin zum gesamten Softwareentwicklungsprozess. Seine größte Stärke ist es, auch bei vermeintlich Altbekanntem immer wieder neue Aspekte und Sichtweisen aufzuzeigen und beim Einzelnen die Motivation neu zu entfachen, sich stetig zu verbessern und weiterzuentwickeln. Das gesamte Entwicklungsteam profitiert ungemein von der inzwischen schon zweijährigen Zusammenarbeit und wir freuen uns bereits auf die nächste Sitzung!

— Leiter Software-Entwicklung, 2017.

I know Peter as evangelist and missionary of code quality. Above from his deep and broad technical knowledge how to write clean code, keep it unsoiled and refactor code he is a real team enabler and a leader. His basic approach to combine classical knowledge transfer, pair programming, coaching sessions and workshops changed the mind set of the DIMOCO development teams and ended up in measurable code quality improvements. One of the key success factors of the Code Cop's mission at DIMOCO where continuous workshops (every 6-8 weeks for 4-6 hours each). This gave Peter the possibility not only to transfer knowledge but also to support the developers in their day to day work.

Ing. Robert Lux, VP Operations and Development, DIMOCO Europe, 2016.

After an extended training session with Peter I can say that he does not improve you, but gives you the means to help you improve yourself! With testing, tooling and both basic and advanced knowledge – what would one want more!

Mag. Martin "ε/2" Heuschober, Systems Engineer, Lambdaheads Functional Programming, 2016.

If you haven't had Peter work with your motivated development team yet, get in touch with him - he'll find the good, bad & ugly!

Christian Haas, Software Engineer, Frequentis AG, 2016. (Quote taken from Twitter)

Having been considered a high performing development team within the company, we wanted to have an external view on our work. Peter identified well established practises and was able to show us some of our blind spots as well. Although we had only a small amount of time he had the right answers for us and we had a constructive collaboration. We recommend Peter for every development team willing to grow and improve themselves, and would gladly work with him again.

— a Scrum Software Development Team, Frequentis AG, 2016.

Peters Workshop zu den neuen Features von Java 7/8 kam bei allen TeilnehmerInnen sehr gut an. Sein theoretischer Vortrag zu den neuen Features gab einen ausgezeichneten Überblick auch hinsichtlich Breite und Tiefe, und die Übung wurde von TeilnehmerInnen beider Abteilungen als sehr wertvoll und hilfreich empfunden. Vielen Dank auch von mir, für die unkomplizierte Termin- und Inhaltsabstimmung.

Mag. Doris Fidler, Abteilungsleiterin Entwicklung Lotterien, Österreichische Lotterien, 2016.

(Peter is) Knowledgeable, in constant search for better solutions / improvements, strict and disciplined. But there is one thing beyond that I really like about Peter - his attitude! He is able to ask "unpleasant" questions in a way that one does not feel judged but rather empowered to analyse one's own words and actions. I have experienced it one on one when we met at ATD in Germany, and he managed to do it with the audience while having a talk in Slovenia as well. Brilliant!

Mira Razman, Process & Test Consultant, Agile Slovenia Conference, 2015.

Die LAOLA1-IT mit ihren über 20 Entwicklern arbeitet bereits mehr als ein Jahr mit Dr. Peter Kofler zusammen. Sowohl das Pair Programming Coaching also auch die spezifischen Workshops tragen dazu bei, dass effizienter gearbeitet und qualitätsvollere Software entwickelt wird.

DI(FH) Erich Handschuh, Leiter IT, LAOLA1 Multimedia, 2015.

Mithilfe von Pair Programming Coachings konnten wir das know how der Entwickler nachhaltig steigern und die Kreativität der Lösungsansätze deutlich verbessern.

DI(FH) Andreas Stocker, Leiter Forschung & Entwicklung, unas media productions, 2015.

After a few sessions with the Code Cop (Peter Kofler), both I and my team have a much greater appreciation for test-driven development - and the quality and stability of our code has gone up as well!

Ross King, Senior Scientist, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, 2014.

Ich bin überzeugt, dass fundiertes Wissen im Bereich Clean Code und Craftmanship ein ganz wichtiges Asset einer Entwicklungsmannschaft ist. Die vom Code Cop angebotenen Formate wie Theorie-Sessions, Dojos, Mob-Programming usw. haben sich sehr bewährt und führen neben besserem Code auch zu Verbesserungen in der Team-Zusammenarbeit. Seine offene und kompetente Art, Dinge auf den Punkt zu bringen schätze ich dabei sehr.

Christian Mück, Abteilungsleiter Softwareentwicklung, Österreichische Lotterien, 2014.

This was the best of the atd14. Learned a lot on clean programming and on TDD. Very experienced presenters. Please invite them in 2015.

— Anonymous Participant, Agile Testing Days, 2014.

Having great insights at the testing dojo with @codecopkofler @martinklose #AgileTD Pairing on testing is super cool!

Cirilo Wortel, Greenlight-it, 2014. (Quote taken from Twitter)

Peter probably is the most experienced facilitator for Coding Dojos and Coderetreats around Vienna at the moment. He just did his journeyman tour and many different facilitations as well as public talks. So your chances to learn great stuff at our event are tremendous.

Mike Leber, Lean & Agile Coach, Agile Experts, 2013. (Source)

Rated second best speaker of 2013, Agile Testing Days, 2013. (Source)

Thank you for what has easily been one of the best workshops I have ever attended. Most importantly, thank you for making me remember that coding is not just something I do to "pay the bills", but is also one of my favorite pastimes. The workshop did not feel like work, but rather like play and experimentation. Huge thumbs up and keep on the amazing work!

— Radu Petre Tudor, Software Engineer, IBM Global Business Services, 2012.

Thank you for being the best teacher during TDD Workshop. Thank you for reminding me to search for development passion everywhere: in books, movies, networking... I respect everything you did during this workshop.

Ramona Robu, Technical Team Lead, IBM Global Business Services, 2012.