9 November 2009

Java is So Old-School

This is going to earn me some flames - but wait for my explanation. The demise of Java has been discussed again and again since some time and here is its proof: Yesterday I visited a jumble market organised by the local Scout group. They offered many things for charity and had them well sorted. When browsing through their stock of cups, I found this little one:

Java Cup bought at jumble sale
Well, Java really has to be old-school if its cups are sold on jumble markets ;-)

3 November 2009

I am 1337!

Yesterday Andreas mailed me this screen shot from my Stack Overflow profile:

together with this explanation "elite => eleet => e1337 => 1337". Aha, this proves that I'm elite. Well - maybe - I don't know. But nevertheless thank you Andreas for feeding my delusions of grandeur. ;-)