31 July 2011

Finally a Proper Keyboard

At last GeeCON I met Hamlet D'Arcy and he distributed keyboard stickers with IntelliJ IDEA's keymap. I had them lying around for some time because I did not want to put them on my primary keyboard (because it does not have any labels). Last week I cleaned my old Silicon Graphics keyboard and boosted it with these stickers. Doesn't it look great?

Silicon Graphics Keyboard with IntelliJ IDEA Keybinding
I had to customize the stickers to my German keyboard. The Shift and Enter keys are shorter and I had to cut their stickers. Then I thought about changing the keymap inside IDEA and to put the stickers on the keys where they would be on an English keyboard. But I got confused, and in the end I put the stickers on their according places. I only changed the binding for [ to ö and ] to ä because 8 and 9 where [ and ] are on, were already taken.

1 July 2011

My Favourite Topic

Last month I had the opportunity to take part in a job assessment of the Austrian Software Test Experts. The managing directors and I have been friends since long as would be expected from guys who say that "software test is cool" and a "fanatic about code quality". I was looking forward to meeting the whole staff of testing experts.

FavoriteThe CEO had asked me to prepare an introduction and a short presentation about some code quality related topic. Unfortunately I had a very busy time and wasn't able to prepare anything in-depth. The night before I just hacked together a little presentation by copying all kind of slides from some of my previous presentations. Stealing the joke from Uncle Bob's talk Craftsmanship and Policy (2:30), I titled it My Favourite Topic, which is of course - me. ;-)

I didn't take the presentation too seriously however the CEO said it was hilarious, almost comedy styled. People who had known me liked it a lot. But it turned out that I did a really poor job. Half of the audience didn't get the joke and therefore did not know what I was talking about. They got the humorous, self-deprecating introduction wrong and were discussing if I was disrespectful or just unprofessional. They hauled me over the coals.