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Code Cop Approved: Carlos BléWhen I started my Code Cop brand in 2009, I created some T-Shirts and even a button. Back then I was not running my own business and giving them away for marketing purposes did not make sense. So I used them as a sign of appreciation. The button reads - or rather should read - Code Cop Approved because I have approved ;-). (Unfortunately I did not think about that when designing it, and some people understand it as Approved Code Cop, which is fine for me as well.) Because I am strict, I use them rarely. I am giving them away for various reasons - all very much appreciated. Here is the list of approved individuals.

Great Talks
I visit conferences as part of my continuous learning and I award buttons to awesome speakers and talks that inspire me: Vaclav Pech, Hamlet D'Arcy (GeeCON 2011), Thomas Sundberg (GeeCON 2012), Szczepan Faber (GeeCON 2013), Gitte Klitgaard, Ionel Condor (XP 2013), Carlos Blé, Vagif Abilov (Agile Testing Days 2013), Tom Bujok (GeeCON 2014), Mario Fusco (Voxxed Days 2015), Alf Rehn (Craft 2015), Radoslaw Scheibinger (GeeCON 2015), Linda Rising (European Testing Conference 2016), Dan Billing (ITAKE 2017), Marek Stój (Voxxed Vienna 2018), Peter Hilton (GeeCON 2018), Coraline Ada Ehmke (EuRuKo 2018), Alicja Halamska (GeeCON 2023)

Supporting Hackergarten (Open Source)
From 2011 to 2013 I organised Hackergarten in Vienna. When starting a community it is difficult to find contributors and hosts, let alone sponsors. Several local companies and open source committers supported us to get started with Open Source: Robert Handschmann, Claus Polanka, Siegfried Goeschl, Kilian Matt, Dmitry Jemerov, Rafael Cordones Marcos, Stefan Strobl, Andres Almiray, Dierk König.

Organising GeeCON
GeeCON is my favourite conference. I have been there many times. During one of my early visits, I got to know some of the organisers and we became friends. I really appreciate that conference and the work they put into it: Adam Dudczak, Adam Parchimowicz, Lukasz Stachowiak, Konrad Malawski, Adrian Nowak.

Running Community Events
Running full day community events like Codertreats or unconferences is a lot of work. I value the time and energy people spend hosting or facilitating learning events and I have learned a lot during such events: Mike Leber, Alexander Marek (GDCR 2011), Roland Germ (GDCR 2012), Adi Bolboaca (CR Vienna 2013), Martin Klose, Jan Hartung (CR Berlin 2015), Mira Razman (Agile Slovenia 2015), Pamela Adediwura (CR Venice 2016), Christian Haas, Max Hantsch-Köller (CR Vienna 2016), Houssam Fakih (GDCR 2016), René Pirringer, Elisabeth Rosemann, David Tanzer (SoCraTes Day Austria 2016), Damian Lukasik, Kacper Kuczek, Dorota Danielewska, Michal Pedzialek (CR Codewise 2016), Claus Aichinger, Kerstin Kollmann (PyDays 2017), Sebastian Nozzi, Ernst Fastl (CR Vienna 2017), Emily Bache (GDCR 2017), J.B. Rainsberger (GDCR 2018), Ilke Zilci (GDCR19a), Sandra Parsick (GDCR19a), Oliver Spann, Dagmar Labes, Barbara Eichhorn, Sarah Schraml and Lena Schön (CodeCrafts 2022), Ondrej Husár

Code Cop Approved: Mira RazmanPair Programming Partners
During my Pair Programming Tour I paired with many developers. I learned something during each of these sessions, and every one of my pairing partners got approved. See the Journeyman Tour Index for more details.

In the past I was lucky to pair program with many great people local or remote to learn and practise: Sorin Florea, Alexandru Bolboaca, Paul Rohorzka, Hans Sowa, Samir Talwar, Aki Salmi, Ivan Kusalic, Johan Martinsson, Steven Collins, Johannes Link, Gregor Beyerle, Rea Sutter, Görge Albrecht

I would need to add more names to this list of learning partners, e.g. Adi, Claus, David, Gregor or Thomas, but they already own a button. Looks like I need to upgrade to a gold version of my button to approve repeated cases of awesomeness.

Thank you all, very much appreciated.

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