5 August 2013

My Craftsmanship Tour

In my last blog post I described Corey Haines' Pair Programming Tour. This post is about my own "interpretation" of a Craftsmanship tour and my plan how to get it started.

After working too many years for banks and big IT providers, I needed a break. I was fed up with low quality work and wanted a change of perspective. Also the idea of practice and mastery appealed to me long before the notion of Craftsmanship was born. All these things culminated in the idea to go for a Pair Programming Tour.

September 2nd
My tour will start at Monday September 2nd. Initially I planned for one month which would allow for eight to ten pairing sessions. Obviously I was aiming low. At the beginning of August all September and half of October were booked, so I changed my mind and will go on as long as I can find companies or individuals to work with.

sacher stopIn and around Vienna
For my first tour I will stay mainly in and around Vienna. Most of my professional contacts are from Vienna and I hope to find companies more easily by removing the need to pay a hotel room for me. Several people had warned me that the need of a budget to host me would complicate matters in Austrian companies considerably. By skipping the journey out of my Journeyman tour I might lose the benefit of having time during travel to reflect about what I just learned. I will see how that affects my tour. I got invited to visit other places in Austria as well and will stay in Graz and maybe in Salzburg for a few days each.

Pair with me
I am looking for people that will pair with me for two or three days starting this September. Two to three days seems a good time to pair with a single person. If there are more people who want to pair, I can stay longer. In Vienna I am asking for free lunch and beverages throughout the day. The only condition is that we will pair program. It should be a quiet time without meetings where you plan development activities on the mainline of delivery, e.g. writing code, writing tests or improve your build system. Even spiking or general discussions about coding, design or Software Craftsmanship in general are valuable to me. Whatever you need to do during this time, we will work on it. I will be a regular team member and will support you as much as I can. We can work together on Java SE/EE, Scala and Ruby projects. If we do some Java Script, R, Dart or Forth I am sure to learn a lot but will probably slow you down as I am not fluent in these languages. I propose we use your machine as your work might require specific set-up but I will bring my keyboard and mouse.

Finding a host
Three months ago I started preparing my tour. I created a list of the best developers I knew in Vienna and got in touch. People running startups, like Raphael Stary of letsplay.io, did not hesitate and immediately agreed with hosting me for some days. Obviously startups are flexible and many of them already practice regular pair programming. But most of my contacts had to ask their management and that was where the fun started. Hardly any company knew Software Craftsmanship or the Journeyman concept and many still did not believe in pair programming. Only due to the help of my fellow craftsmen I got invited to a few larger companies till now. My friends had to convince their management and probably vouch for me to get my visit approved. I am still working on ways to pre-sell the idea to management but it seems impossible to get into companies without a persuasive Craftsman-agent inside.

Fine-print for companies
Here are some points to clarify my idea for managers: I am not interested in your customer or the project itself, just the learning and sharing. I will sign any NDA. If you do not want to be mentioned, I will not use your company's name in any posts or tweets. I will blog about my experiences during the tour. If a post covers my visit at your company I will show it to you before I publish it.

Expectations...My expectations
People asked me what I want to gain from a Pair Programming Tour. Obviously I want to learn new things. I will work with people I have never worked with, see how they approach problems, "steal" one or two of their tricks. I will see new projects and experience the development process of different teams. I hope to get new perspectives, to think outside the box. Like it was Corey's, my main goal is to improve, reflect on our principles and broaden my mind. Finally I want to raise awareness for Software Craftsmanship in my area. Just today I got an email saying that it is great that the Software Craftsmanship movement has finally arrived in Austria. ;-)

So if you are interested in broadening your mind as well and want to pair program with me for a few days, contact me!

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