3 October 2023

I find your lack of tests disturbing

I Find Your Lack Of Tests DisturbingClassics never get old. Like with Shut up and Write a Test, I am reposting an old meme about lack of tests, see its preview on the right. Lack of tests is a direct result of not following the prior advice when to write tests. ;-) In many coaching discussions I need to fall back to the fundamental basics and I cannot allow such a gem to vanish. Usually I find the lack of tests in my client's code base disturbing.

The image was posted on rubystammtisch.at, a site which ceased to exist long time ago. I downloaded it at the 25th of March 2009 for a presentation held at the local user group. The meme is a variation of Darth Vader's "I find your lack of faith disturbing", used as a phrasal template where "faith" is swapped with other words. Now that I have researched the origin of the image, I could re-create it using Meme generators. I will not, a classic is a classic. (And again, during writing a blog post, the process of writing is valuable and I learn on the way by organising and structuring the material. That is why I recommend writing as a learning and teaching activity at the same time.) Unfortunately the original image is only 400 pixel width, printed versions will be fuzzy. It might use it on my upcoming Code Cop Veto Cards, similar to my Achievement Appreciation Cards, as cards require smaller images with less detail.

I find a lack of tests disturbing.

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