13 February 2010

Testing For All One's Worth

In the end of last year, after a long break, the third part of the 'Code Cop' series has been published in the well known German magazine iX:

Crash DummyT├Ągliche Builds mit automatisierten Tests (Daily Builds with Automated Testing) (iX 1/2010). [... Automated testing is vital for the quality assurance. Unit-tests are applied easily using JUnit. The same is true for functional testing thanks to a number of already existing tools. By adding testing capabilities to the build, developers are more willing to write tests. In the end the analysis of the code coverage achieved by the tests reveals some possible weak points. ...]

(Download source code of Ant/JUnit/HttpUnit and EMMA integration.)

ReferencesSome other test and code coverage tools mentioned in the article are AgitarOne, dbUnit, Clover, Cobertura, HtmlUnit, JCoverage, Jester, Jtest, JUnitPerf, Selenium, XMLUnit (incomplete list).

(List of all my publications with abstracts.)

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