15 December 2010

Code Quality Assurance v2

Last week I gave my presentation on code quality assurance, for the second time this year, and it looks like it will become an integral part of the lecture. That would be great. Maybe one or another soon-to-be developer will get interested by the ways of the craftsmanship and not become a Duct Tape programmer.

(Code) Monkey and some Duct Tape...I was quite nervous in the beginning of the presentation as I had never spoken in front of so few people :-) Honestly, giving it the second time helped me a lot and I was much more relaxed and didn't hide behind my laptop most of the time. There were few students, but they asked clever questions in the end. Only one student complained about too much mathematics needed to solve the prime factors kata. Well it's not that complicated, but maybe I will try the word wrap kata next time.

Dear Students
There is a list of references at the end of the slides, only a few but you should read them. Go ahead, read them now! I will wait here. If you are desperate you might listen to the recording of last year's quality assurance presentation. It's missing the demos, but my explanations should give you a general idea of what's going on. Good luck and don't succumb to the dark side!

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Peter Kofler said...

Latest slides have been uploaded to the Presentations section...