10 April 2008

My Rants

After years of being a maintenance developer I am pissed off. During maintenance the software systems are always messed up. Obviously the release date of the next batch or upgrade is set by the business analysts long before the exact extend of work is known. There is never time to fix anything. In my early days I would have argued with managers to add extra time for fixing the most ugly things during the next release, but finally I resigned from wasting my energies.

anger The Angry Developer
So I became an angry developer. Always in pain, I am using biting comments to point at serious problems in systems, processes and whole organisation. I will rant from time to time about IT work and software development related stuff.

For any legal departments reading this: The events and companies I am posting about are completely fictional and any resemblance to any real people or companies that may or may not exist is purely coincidental.

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