23 November 2012

BaDaDam Testing Framework

DIY Cable ReleaseSome time ago I had a look into BDD - no, not Bullshit Driven Development ;-) - but Behaviour-Driven Development. I started with JBehave but it seemed heavyweight to me. Further it had more than ten dependencies to other libraries, some with possibly problematic licences. Still I wanted to know how that kind of framework worked, so instead of learning by taking it apart I decided to build my own.

For some time I struggled to find a nice name for the project and discussed my problem with Michael. I was mumbling as usual and he mistook BDD as BaDaDam. Voila - I present to you BaDaDam, a minimalistic BDD framework for Java. Obviously it follows the spirit of JBehave, is lightweight, self sufficient and depends only on JUnit. It allows you to write stories in plain text, implement them in Java classes and run them using JUnit. The first version is finished since some time and available in my Maven repository here.

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