4 December 2012

Eclipse Plugin Development

My friend Piotr asked me where to start with Eclipse/RCP development. I am not an expert on Eclipse but it is the main platform of my current employer, and I collected some information while digging deeper into the topic myself. Following an advice from Scott Hanselman I write this blog post instead of an email. This is my list for developers starting with Eclipse development.Eclipse
  • The first pages to read are the Eclipse Plugin and Eclipse RCP Tutorials by Lars Vogella. These are short tutorials with good content which are highly relevant. You might want to start here.

  • Another source for tutorials is G. Prakash's Eclipse Tips, especially his top ten mistakes in Eclipse Plug-in development are highly recommended.

  • More details can be found in the book about Eclipse, Eclipse Rich Client Platform by Jeff McAffer, Jean-Michel Lemieux and Chris Aniszczyk. Throughout the book the authors build an entire application, set up the automated build, create an update site and everything else. This is a comprehensive end to end description.

  • The Eclipse website itself hosts a lot of specialized information. My favourite article is about how to use the JFace Tree Viewer. This does not only show how to use the Tree Viewer, it also explains how to "think in JFace" in general.

  • Finally a lot of articles can be found on IBM developerWorks, just search for RCP. These articles are older, mainly from 2006 to 2008, but most things discussed there are still relevant.
That should be more than enough to get you started ;-)

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