13 August 2018

This is the last time

It is August, it is hot and it is time to do some alternate work:

Bare Brickwork
Quick Fix
Looking at the picture made me think. Every industry seems to have its quick fixes: Engineers use duct tape and WD-40. In software development, we take short cuts by violating existing structure, e.g. adding another conditional resulting in convoluted logic. And in the construction industry it clearly is the usage of polyurethane or spray foam. As every tool it has its use, and like in the picture it is especially useful for temporary work. Unfortunately most professional construction workers I commissioned wanted to use it for everything - like duct tape: A hole in the wall? Why use brick and mortar when it is faster to put some foam into it. A gap in the boards? Why care to work accurately when it is easier to close the gap with foam afterwards. Not enough steam brake to cover the ceiling? Let's fill the remaining area with foam. You get the idea. While some people like the speed such quick fixes provide, e.g. Joel Spolsky praises the Duct Tape Programmer, I do not agree. Anyway, this project must come to an end and I sincerely hope it is the last time. ;-)

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