16 October 2019

Code Cop Embroidery

Code Cop BadgeSome time ago fellow software developer Andre Fedorenko got himself an embroidery machine as hobby project. He had a lot of fun with it and played around with different materials, yarns and designs. When he showed off one of his new designs, I joked that he should create a Code Cop for me. And so he did. Small embroidery often comes as patch or badge. The photo on the right shows a classic take on the Code Cop logo. Now I just need a grand short to wear this with dignity.

By using an embroidery machine, the problem is not the actual stitching, but the programming of the machine, i.e. digitising the image. Andre explained that when digitising for embroidery one has to consider how the thread is going, e.g. for the left bar of the C the thread is horizontal whereas for the top of the C it has to be vertical. I would say that he did a great job, the accuracy and detail of the badge is amazing.

And then, when we met the next time, he surprised me again by saying "hey, you forgot your bag" ... and passing me a long cotton bag featuring a larger embroidery of my logo.
Code Cop Cotton Bag
How awesome is that! Thank you so much Andre.

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