2 October 2018

Developer Melange Episode 3

Yesterday the third episode of the Developer Melange podcast was published. Developer Melange is a monthly podcast which brings you regular discussions about software engineering topics. All of them, in one way or another, related to building great software products. It is recorded by my friends and fellow software crafters Paul Rohorzka, David Leitner and Christian Haas and they release around an hour of high quality discussion every month.

Hello MicI am supporting them since the very beginning. In fact I was playing with the idea of recording a monthly podcast already for some time. After my summer project I finally found the time to visit them during recording: We discussed the essence of Behaviour Driven Development, starting with Dan North's introductory article from 2006. It seems that we could not agree what the essence or core of BDD might be. In the second part we tried to answer the question if it is better to be a specialist or generalist in the field of software delivery. Of course the time was too short for such deep topics. ;-)

Get it here
Listen to this episode here. All previous (and future) episodes can be found on the Developer Melange home page and Developer Melange SoundCloud page. If you need an RSS feed for an old-fashioned podcast app, use Get RSS feeds from SoundCloud URLs, which is this RSS.

The team and I are curious what you think about Developer Melange. You can reach us on Twitter or leave comments on SoundCloud. Tell us what you think! Any suggestions, e.g. topics you would like to hear about, and also criticism are highly welcomed. Stay tuned!

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