14 July 2022

Moving away from SlideShare

lost playground (licensed CC BY-SA by liebeslakritze)One of my learning activities is watching recordings of conference presentations, especially ones which have been recommended by trusted colleagues and peers. (You can find presentations which I recommend myself on YouTube and Vimeo.) After watching I usually download the slides and store them in my knowledge base, together with notes I might have taken during the presentation. At the moment my software development knowledge base is around 6G text files and PDFs, but that is a topic for another time.

From time to time I present at conferences or run a Coding Dojo. Afterwards I want to share my slides and I want you to be able to download them. In 2013 I started using SlideShare for that. I liked it and it worked well. It organised my slides and added the social aspect on top, e.g. I connected with other people sharing slides and kept track of favourites. Since Scribd acquired SlideShare I am not satisfied any more. I am facing technical problems uploading new slides again and again which is frustrating. Additionally downloading slides seems to require a paid membership. While I understand that free services need money to operate, I really want my slides to be available for download.

So I am moving away from SlideShare, or at least I am duplicating it. I did not follow my own advice to avoid third party SaaS - and as in the past I have to deal with the consequences now. I uploaded all slides I had shared on SlideShare to my own folder on my web space. It is just a folder and not as fancy as SlideShare, but you can download! Enjoy my slides.

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